【CCW】Back Ground


(pic) The Evaluation Conference of the 1st session of the 7th term


        The legislators hold positions of highly responsibilities since they have the power to examine the bills, to propose the reconsideration and the no-confidence vote, to deliberate the Executive Decrees and petition documents, to hear a report on the state of the nation by the President and the statement on its administrative policies by Executive Yuan, and to propose the ratification and the impeachment. However, due to the one-party dominance, political power struggles, acts for performance and non-transparent black box procedures still exist in Taiwan’s congress nowadays, it is imperative and necessary to take steps to reform the congress and to watch the legislators.


        Citizen Congress Watch (CCW) began in September 1996 with the creation of Social Legislation Movement Federation and adopted formally the current name on April 18, 2007. Citizen Congress Watch is a specialized institute composed of 37 civil organizations and aims to watch congress, bring up evaluations, weed out incapable legislators, and improve the congress environment continually.