【CCW】Our Objectives

A.    Civilized congress: The congress members, as the highest representatives of the public, are to be logical, well-mannered, tolerant and respectful mutually, not to perform barbarously everyday.

B.    Sunshine congress: The congress can not be reduced to the bribery channel for interest transfer. It has to eliminate venality with a complement Sunshine Laws.


C.    Public Welfare congress: The legislators should reject the unjust bills based on the principle of social justice and the priority to the disadvantaged when they confront the national resource distribution.

D.    Transparent congress: The congress should be entirely under the sunshine and inspected by all the people. All the parliamentary procedures and contents are supposed to broadcast live simultaneously so that people can watch the representatives whom they vote.

E.    Efficient congress: A well and sound congress should stop political power struggles and build up explicit behavior standards and efficiency indicators to deepen and upgrade Taiwan’s democracy. It can not act in the opposite way.