【CCW】Our Achievements

A. Congress Watch     

     To issue the Watch Weekly periodically. There are 2 Civil Evaluation Conferences having been held for the first time in Taiwan history joined by hundreds of citizens as evaluators once a session i.e. per half year.     

     To publish the legislators evaluation report twice till now with lots of feedback and support.     

     We also build up “Committees” accordingly to have discussions periodically and submit the commentary either online or via other multi-media platforms to fulfill our duties.



(pic) The Evaluation Conference of the 1st session of the 7th term



B. Initiative Proposal     

     To hold the press conferences, seminars, visits, marches or even protests irregularly in accordance with the legislators’ performances and current events is in order to form public opinion pressure to supervise them.     

     After making lots of efforts, we have pushed through the legislation to allow the public to access the VOD (video-on-demand) system watching legislative meetings since January 2009. Our next step is to hasten the legislative meetings on TV live.     

     We also bring up the suggestions, interpellations and initiatives according to the controversies and improper bills. We have held more than 30 press conferences and initiatives till now and lure the people out on the street to express out points of view. Two large-scale protests have been held, one is the “Protest against political interference in media affairs and congress watch”, and the other is “Protest for anti casino in TAIWAN”.




(pic) Public TV supporters protested political interference on Jan. 1, 2009



(pic) announce the scores of the attendance and the performance of the legislators irregularly



C. Policy Research     

     We invite academics from all expert fields, media representatives, legislative assistants, student groups and representatives from civil groups to hold forums periodically to discuss how to implement strategies and methods of congress watch. We have held 11 congress watch forums, a large-scale conference and a workshop on deliberative democracy.     

     We irregularly submit the papers to media and also cooperate with the popular weekly magazine to issue the congress watch papers or our points of view of current events.



D. International Communication     

     Internationalization has been the goal we are working for. Congress watch in TAIWAN is a proud achievement in democratic movement in Chinese world. We make active communications with other nations to promote the effects, such as inviting “Environment Action Association” from KOREA, the important organization advocating the congress watch and defeat movement, for visiting TAIWAN and making a visit to Catholic Monitors on Legislative Councilors in Hong Kong.      

     Meanwhile, we also join “Asian Network for Elections (ANFREL)”to endeavor for the democracy and human rights in Asia.



E. Talent Cultivation     

     We establish the foundation of congress watch by enlightening and cultivating talents. We cultivate the talents constructively since the preparation period and hope to take root locally.     

     We cultivate the civic the ability to supervise by holding “Youth leadership congress watch camp” and cooperate with universities and community colleges to offer “lecture courses”, “volunteering service learning” and some “internship programs”.



(pic) Youth cultivation camp